HI SO i’ve been super super busy but i know a lot of you didn’t want this blog to be deleted/given up on, so i’ve decided to come back as soon as the holidays are over, because by then things will be a little more chill for me time-wise. i’ve been working lots of overtime trying to save up for the fact that i’m gonna finally go to college next year WOOOOO which is super interesting i know but point is i really have been dreadfully busy, and the amount of spending during the holiday season makes it harder as well.

ANYWAY. i will be coming back to this blog probably early january!!! i’m glad to see lots of you are still here, holding down the fort. if anyone wants to submit their own texts between now and january, that is PERFECTLY FINE and i will post them for you! or you can send me the “dialogue” as it were and i’ll make the texts for you and post ‘em, either way works for me! but i just really don’t have the brain power right now to come up with things all on my lonesome.

you all are brilliant, thanks for sticking around. PS if anyone else is having any money-saving issues like me, there’s a post rn on my personal blog about a sort of money-making app for iphone/ipad and android users that looks like it’ll be a big help for me financially!!! feel free to check it out and let me know if you get it/how it goes! xoxoxoxox

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actually u know what i am rly exhausted and im just gonna shut this blog down bc i never make anything for it and i feel bad. so ur all free i am releasing u from the hold i have upon u

thank u for sticking around for as long as you did for as little as you got in return and yeah lots of hugs n kisses xoxoxox

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heyyy, followers! so sorry i’ve been slacking majorly with this blog. there are quite a few of you now and i hate to disappoint, but i’ve been super busy lately dealing with a bunch of crap that’s sort of distracted me from the internet. how fucking dare u, life.

but anyway i’d rly like to keep this blog going but i’m super burnt out right now so i’m gonna just turn the submit box on and y’all can submit your own texts if you’d like. i am perfectly capable of setting up a queue, just can’t seem to make time for anything else online lately.

ALSO: this was initially going to just be texts from cecil to other people, but as that’s a bit limiting, i’m gonna go ahead and expand that to include all canon characters. so if you want steve carlsblurg texting carlos, go for it. erika texting erika? that’s beautiful. the possibilities, like time and space and the void, are endless.

if you’d like to make your own text and submit it, here's the website i use to make mine. submit box will be opening in just a few minutes!

thanks, everyone!

xox ur v preoccupied and v apologetic admin

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comedic timing isn’t always cecil’s strong suit

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why do you even bother responding at this point, steve

cecil pranks steve pt i

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Anonymous asked: Can we submit ideas?

you certainly can! i’d like to make the texts themselves/the “dialogue” myself, but if anyone has ideas or suggestions i’d be glad to work on them!

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